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Who I Am


I am a Blackwoman, wife, mother, artist-scholar, doctor of education, HBCU and Ivy League grad, visionary, creative, dreamer, daughter, sister, lover of laughter, and fighter for liberation. When I commit to something, I put everything I have and everything I am into it. I pay homage to those who have come before me, who light my path, and I commit myself to those coming up after me, who will benefit from and carry the torch of the future I am striving to create.

"Reclaiming my time.

  Reclaiming my time.

   Reclaiming my time."


-Congresswoman Maxine Waters


I am an Assistant Professor of Education at Drew University, and earned my doctorate of education in Curriculum and Teaching with a concentration in Urban Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Much of my research focuses on equity and anti-racism and centers students of color--particularly exploring Blackgirlhood. My background as a filmmaker and performing artist has allowed me to merge the worlds of education and the arts to create space for dynamic emotive and informative research experiences and productions.


Research that only remains in "the academy" cannot evoke real change. This is why I make it a point to offer educational consulting services to school districts that primarily serve students of color in low-income communities.

Consulting & Coaching


As an education consultant, I work with school leaders and teachers to assess and address institutional and instructional challenges, collect and analyze data particular to their schools, and create practical and attainable solutions and goals along with steps and strategies to achieve them. Through instructional coaching, I work with educational leaders and teachers to promote cultural competency, anti-racism, and equitable learning experiences for students in general, special, and alternative educational environments.

Areas of Specialization
  • Urban Education
  • Digital Literacy
  • Instructional Leadership

  • Arts-Integration

  • Student Voice
  • Racial Literacy
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Curriculum Development

Currently offering customized culturally responsive digital learning support for remote learning due to COVID-19!



Chapter 4: Why Can't You See Us? 

The Visibilization of Blackwomen and BlackQueer Folx


Cathryn Devereaux and Shamari Reid offer an evocative chapter on the erasure of Blackwomen and BlackQueer Folx. You can find the chapter in the book, Essays on Exclusion, edited by Phillip Boda.  


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