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Within these pages you will find pieces of my story, my experiences, my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my vision for a better tomorrow beginning with the work I do today. These writings depict my journey in coming to understand the mark that I am striving to leave on the field of education and the world at large. They embody my connections to Blackness, Afrocentrism, womanism, Black girlhood, double consciousness,

decolonial refusal, urban culture, music, dance, and love. They also speak to my realities as a woman of color in the academy, and my path toward healing from the trauma of my past and present.


Grounded in Black Feminism and critical ethnic studies, my usage of gifs, memes, and music reflecting the expressions and thoughts of Black women depicted throughout each piece symbolizes that this is a safe counterspace that allows for me, as a Blackwoman to be a Blackwoman. You may not agree with my thoughts and analyses, and that's just fine with me. It only means that this space is not for you. But if by chance it is for you, may it be the catalyst for your own self-reflection and healing. May you continue this work alongside me. May we journey together on this walk.

—  Cathryn A. Devereaux, Ed.D.

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